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And other popular new item


Now, with museum quality paper you can 

write a letter that will be 

read decades in the future.


Sealed in a bottle and protected:
You can share your dreams with someone special. They will be able to "hear" your thoughts, hopes and desires beyond 2050.  


They will be able to compare your 
expectations with reality!

Go to the page for Memory Bottles to learn more about this unusual creation.

Click here for   "Memories in a Bottle" 

...and for something different 






In support of our troops, now the Navy pilots of Corpus Christi, TX have a convenient "watering hole" to quench their thirst during their off hours.

Let us build a custom bar for you; chairs included!

All US military personnel and National Guard (active or reserve) are eligible for GREAT discounts on purchases of bars plus bar chairs and/or high back lounge chairs. Please e-mail for a quote using your military e-mail system.


Our Best Known


And Our Biggest



Della and I would like to thank you for stopping by and checking out our unique creations. Now you can afford to give that special someone a very special gift.

If you don't see what you are after, give me a call.

"Miracles happen all the time, the impossible takes a little while."

If you like what you see please add us to your favorites list.

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We have spent years learning and perfecting our skills as artists and craftspeople and love to create unusual items; also to make the ordinary special. 



Our motto says it all:

"We Make Art Into Gifts and Gifts Into Art ".

We hope you enjoy your trip through our creations and see something you like, or it helps generate an idea of what you would like us to create for your special someone.

If you are anything like me I am always at a quandary as to what to give, together we can solve your problems.

Here are our major catagories of gifts; let your fingers do the walking and find that perfect gift.

Custom Carved Signs

Custom Carving,   Custom Crafted Pens,   Custom Gunstock Carving,

Egg Art,   Engraved Bottles,   Glass Art,   Memory Bottles

Scrimshaw,   Whiskey Barrel Furniture

If you haven't seen what you are after doesn't mean we can't make it !


Have questions? e-mailor call us and we'll do our best to live up to your expectations. Special requests are what we are all about. Della and I create one of a kind gifts; something you will be proud to give to your loved ones.

Or do you have a special associate?  Want a gift that says, 

"Thank you for being a Great Friend, Customer or Lover"?

Let us make it for you!

To order most items first go to browse, find the items and click on "add to cart" then you can do more shopping or go to check out with PayPal.

Or give a call and we can handle your special requests directly.

Remember, Call me, Gio, on my personal cell phone at 931.424.5900 and I'll solve your problems.

E-mail us @ questions@gifts4thee.com; we appreciate knowing how our studio is being received. /font>

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