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Weddings,Baby Showers, Graduations, Bar Misvahs,
Marriage Proposals,  Military Deployments
plus multi-generational mail are all
excellent reasons to send a
Memory Bottle
Think of this...
On your 25th wedding anniversary your spouse and you can read each others letter written at the time of your wedding. In reality you will be able to compare anticipations with what has turned out to be reality, or...

Now you can send a letter of your "Bottled Memories", thoughts and wishes to your child or your grandchild's, grandchild.
How would you like to have received a letter from your grandparent's, grandparents???
Would it not be fantastic to read their thoughts they wished to share with you? Learn first hand how they lived, what they dreamt and what they planned for in their future. Remember, their future is your present. Now you can send such a letter to your grandchild's grandchild.
The Memory Bottle will let you do just that. Archival paper, cork moisture stopper, heat shrink seal, a deluxe glass bottle and a fantastic crafted caskette will make it possible for you, your family and descendants to communicate. You can even be able to slip in a thumb drive. 
(you design or we help)
All this for only $89.00
(PayPal accepted)

call and talk to Gio @ 931.424.5900 .
Dealer inquiries welcomed

Bottled Memories can travel across time and space to meet with generations far in the future or half way around the world and always to be treasured as a family heirloom.

To meet the occasion we personalize by engraving or etching the artwork of your choice or you can use one of our designs. Personalized and cared for, your message will reach across the ages and touch the hearts of those your spirit may touch, but never your fingers. 

Also note that the high quality caskette is included for the simple cost of $89.00 (plus postage)!!


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